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MSP Guiding System

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MSP Guiding System is a special system developed by Monitoring Solution Providers (MSP) for the purpose of guiding the Pipe Jacking machine’s path throughout the pipe jacking project with high accuracy. The MSP Guiding System will help the Operator control the drilling head of the Pipe Jacking machine so that it follows the planned path of the pipeline. By using the MGS’s software interface, the operator can easily see the status of the Pipe Jacking drilling machine’s axis, position tilt, as well as the overall progress of the project.


MSP Guiding System

The MSP Guiding System user interface display each Pipe’s displacements in dz (Up / Down), and dx (Left / Right). Current Project information is also available in the interface such as the current pipe number, last pipe reading and the overall progress.

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MSP Web Portal

MSP Guiding System also features online Web Portal. Where clients can log in into MSP’s website to view the overall progress of the project and download a progress report for each pipe.

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