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3D scanning of car alternator in  quality control purposes. Micron3D uses structural green light, that upgrades the accuracy of measurement.What is essential for inspection. High resolution allows to reflect the smallest details.

Measurement accuracy enhanced by 30% coupled
with increased endurance for out of laboratory work.
Closed and solid carbon fiber allows to work in wide
temperature range.

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The latest generation of scan3D® is a complex digital solution dedicated to achieve accurate and colorful representation of a scanned body. The 3D scanner operates in a very safe measurement technology using white structured-light which allows the scanned person to feel comfortable and at ease during the process.
The result of the 3D scanning enables us to do, for example, a quick plan of an operation, a detailed dimensional analysis of skin lesions, a project of prosthesis or to create a visualisation. Using the panoramically merged results we can create a virtual model of the body enabling us to do all types of measurements and become very helpful during the treatment planning.

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