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Monitoring Solution Providers pte ltd. specialises in providing comprehensive ADMS (Automated Deformation Monitoring System) service. Our Services cover the complete project cycle with comprises of design, installation, system support, data transfer and consultancy. MSP Customises every single solution so that it will fit our Client’s requirements perfectly.


Deformation Monitoring

Refers to the determination of deformation (unsual movements) of both natural and man-made structures. Early detection will result in prompt re meditation that uphold safety

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Geotechnical Instrumentation

Utilising a wide range of instruments to monitor major infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, tunnels, and other underground structures. These instruments include vibration sensors, strain gauges, and inclonometers.

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Software Development

MSP also provide customised software solution to automated structural monitoring, settlement, displacement, vibration, and user software application that are cost effective and inexpensive to use.

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MSP’s team of Geotechnical, Survey and IT engineers can provide the best solution for any type of structural monitoring. We provide wide range of support, from the planning stage up to the delivery of reports.

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Remote Automatic Precise Intelligent Detector for Automatic Deformation Monitoring System or RAPID ADMS symbolises the fast speed of Sokkia’s series of instruments in combination with RAPID ADMS software.


MSP ceaselessly dedicates Itself to Research and Development (R&D) and close cooperation with industry partners so that it always delivers It’s best to clients in an increasingly volatile business environment.


Currently, MSP has over twenty projects on hand, deploying close to sixty sophisticated Automated Total Stations throughout Singapore, in Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system tunnels, common service tunnels, as well as on bridges.


The range of automated deformation monitoring system we offer is vast, with applications in monitoring of settlement, slope displacement, building tilt, deformation monitoring of bridges, tunnels and other underground facilities.


MSP works closely with the manufacturers of cutting-edge measuring instruments. This intimate collaboration enables us to seamlessly integrate their instruments into our monitoring systems.


MSP WebPro is an internet service developed by MSP with host server located in Singapore to allow subscribers to download processed data, print reports and view data graphically.